Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 24/8/18

Only 4 first line support calls / emails last week. Subjects covered included confirmed how to change posting dates allowed [Nav 2013], how to close fiscal year and clear down P&L balances to reserves [[Nav 2013r2], how to amend UK VAT statement for new VAT Prod Posting Group [Nav 2013r2] and how to retrieve licence details [Nav 2009 RTC]. Also confirmed never used bank statement import on Nav 2017 - mainly because copy / paste from Excel must easier and more flexible.
Developments completed last week included a GL data transaction report (export as csv file) [Nav 2009 RTC] and a new BACS export report [Nav 2017].
Bar that a very quiet week.
Starting to look at MTD and implications for Nav clients. Watch this space for more details as we find them. Received PO for Nav 2018 upgrade work on bespoke developments completed for clients off Nav 2009 Classic. Conference call this week to confirm when required for and which edition of Nav 2018.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 17/8/18

8 first line support calls / emails last week covering the following subjects: how an item holds multiple vat rates [Nav 2009 RTC], change to posting number series [Nav 2013], change to same report layout for 2 different companies on same database (bespoke report) [Nav 2013], permission queries re recent jobs and timesheet implementation [Nav 2013r2], use of bill to number on customer cards [Nav 2013r2], how to get current year in accounts schedule that has a trend type layout [Nav 2013r2] and bug re post invoice and email page action off sales order [Nav 2013t2]. Latter not yet resolved.
Attended client site to discuss support following the client's MS Partner backing out [Nav 2015]. Ended up being a full day resolving bespoke (not ours) interface data feeds between CRM and Nav. Resolved.
Restored recent live back up to a local PC at FPC for new client where development quote approved. Will start the development this week. [Nav 2009 RTC].
Received a client query re MTD coming up next April. Will investigate further. I was hoping for much more clarity from HMRC before now. But never mind.
That's it for this week folks.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 10/8/18

First line support calls / emailed totalled 9 for last week. Subjects covered included changes to dimension values and default dimensions [Nav 2013], confirmation of fields for BACS export report [Nav 2009 Classic], fix for zero quantity to handle on batch of picks [Nav 2009 RTC], confirm reverse transaction only works on journals not documents [Nav 2013], fix allocation line error (bespoke table) [Nav 2009 Classic], confirmed function of on hold field off vendor ledger entries [Nav 2013], fixed unposted and posted number series off purchase ledger to be the same number series [Nav 2013] and provided assistance where CRM invoice integration failed to process data [Nav 2015].
Sent out a quote for bespoke reports conversion from v4 to v2017 for a client. Awaiting approval and will then schedule the work. Needs to be completed pre October 2018.
Chased up some quotes made over the last month to see what status is. Needless to say most people on annual summer vacation.
Plans for this week include an on site client visit to discuss how we can help with first line support. Currently provide ad hoc, on site, Jet and development services. [Nav 2015].
That's it for this week. :)

Monday, 6 August 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 3/8/18

Only 6 support calls / emails last week covering database versions [Nav 2013r2], specifics re different types of user roles for jobs and time sheet implementation [Nav 2013r2], resolved US database tax calc error [Nav 2013r2], mirror company permissions issues [Nav 2013r2], lost page action from recent jobs and time sheets implementation [Nav 2013r2] and resolving VAT Posting Setup error caused by not assigning default VPPG to a GL code [Nav 2013].
So you have probably gathered from common theme for above support calls last week we have started to roll out a jobs and time sheets implementation for a client that uses SQL Sync across 2 databases. Last week we brought all amended / new objects into the live databases from test. This week we will configure permission sets and role centres once the client has confirmed user ids and types. Either this week or next the client will then complete any job / resource data migration using Rapidstart services.[Nav 2013r2].
Completed bespoke customer statement development and delivered to client live database after making some changes to the menu suite and some page actions to run the new customer statement report. [Nav 2015].
Bar that a quiet week. Expecting this week to be the same bar the above comment on jobs and time sheet implementation.
That's all folks.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 27/7/18

Relatively quiet week last week on first line support desk last week at 8 calls / emails. Subjects covered included completing an out of working hours total back up from the Dynamics Nav application [Nav 2009 Classic) and then from SSMS, completing a budget load data load [Nav 2013], adding in the standard Nav Posting Description field to unposted sales and purchase document headers [Nav 2013], resolving Jet report data update issues [Nav 2013r2], resolving rapidstart export to excel error (missing codeunit) issue off FR database [Nav 2013] and resolving tracking spec and then reservation entry issues off sales invoice created from multiple shipments [Nav 2009 RTC].
Completed on site Jet training [Nav 2015] at client site where a number of Excel related reports from Nav created and tested and working. At same client also confirmed this week they have development environment access so we also completed the above change re posting description. [Nav 2015].
Only development completed last week was adding vendor name to the posted purchase invoice and credit memo lines pages [Nav 2013].
Also received a call re view on work involved for bring across customer ledger entries history for a new Nav version implementation. Lot of work (create / post sales documents, create / post receipt journals and then complete applications) for little benefit. Another call this week planned to discuss further.  
Plans for this week include completing bespoke customer statement for client for open entries only and some other formatting mods. [Nav 2015].
Bar that a quiet week but then again it is holiday season! :)
That's all folks.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 6/7/18

Another quiet week on first line support with 3 emails / calls. Subjects covered included adding fields to pages (2) [Nav 2013] and creating a new user [Nav 2009 Classic].
Other work completed last week included a conference call re latest proposed solution for 3rd party web based PO application [Nav 2013] including proposed solution document update, start of another mini project re 2 databases to 1 [Nav 2013] and creating 1st draft Nav xmls for web based PO implementation [Nav 2013].
Completed 1 development last week re bespoke payment report for 2 versions of Nav [Nav 2013r2] [Nav 2017].
Received enquiries (existing clients) for transmitting sales invoices to 3rd party application (not heard of file format so requested more details). Confirmed fixed asset functionality [Nav 2016].
No take up yet on the 15% discount we are offering - more details here.
That's it for this week! Keep cool!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Dynamics Nav services: w/e 29/6/18

Quieter on first line support last week - only 5 emails / calls. Subjects covered included how to get vendor name and address details from Nav to excel [Nav 2013], which email to use for emailing remittances [Nav 2013], confirmed rules for posting of purchase invoice not allowed if not BACS details on vendor [Nav 2013],  confirmed previous BACS export developments have been completed to example files [Nav 2013r2], removed built in filter report for bespoke report previously developed [Nav 2013] and confirmed how to track item master file changes by user [Nav 2009 RTC],
Also last week completed 1 day's on site training of version 4 dataports, minor bespoke development for bespoke table (new field) [Nav 2013r2] and added bill to name to timesheet lines [Nav 2013r2].
Apart from that, both quotes for new work went in last week together with implementation proposal. Awaiting feedback on both. [Nav 2013, Nav v2.6]. This took most of last week to prepare and then submit. Especially a refresher on v 2.6 - it has been a while since I have looked at it.
Don't forget 15% discount on all Dynamics Nav services rates applies from July 1st to September 30th to celebrate 15 years in business in September 2018. Applies to existing and new customers. More details here.
That's it for this week. Keep cool!